Is RealScout a CRM?

No.  RealScout is primarily an agent-branded search platform and property alert system into which you put your leads, prospects & clients - anyone who wants to search & browse property listings!

The client organizer feature of the Agent portal does allow you to keep track of basic client information such as:

  • Name, Address, City, State & Zip
  • Secondary contact (Email & Phone)
  • Source
  • Client Type
  • Notes
  • Feature preferences
  • Financial information (pre-approval status, amount)

In addition to basic contact details, RealScout keeps track of the user activity for your clients, including:

  • Emails received & opened
  • Properties Viewed / Saved / Hidden
  • Messages sent
  • Showings requested
  • Signup and last login dates

What do you do with this information in RealScout? Send them property alerts based upon their home buying wants and needs. Collaborate with them using messages and showing requests. Contact them to move them along in the home buying process.

Our objective is for you to be able to effectively use the information RealScout to close more transactions by providing an engaging search platform that helps match the right home to your buyer quicker.

However, we DO integrate with a CRM called Contactually.  If you happen to use that, when you enter a client in Contactually they will automatically be synchronized to RealScout.  Learn how to set it up by clicking here.

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