FAQ - What tags are added to FUB by RealScout?

Any time RealScout pushes activity data to FUB, we automatically add the tag RealScout to the contact profile. Additionally we currently add six other tags:

  1. RealScout HVA Viewed-this tag is placed on the contact when they view their Home Value Alert in RealScout
  2. RealScout HVA Valuation Message-this tag is placed anytime a contact messages their agent from their Home Value Alert page in RealScout and the HVA is attached to that message. Currently this happens when they request a price opinion or when the use the quick chat widget of the HVA page.
  3. RealScout Market Activity Viewed
  4. RealScout Property Saved
  5. RealScout Property Viewed 3+ - this tag indicates the contact has viewed the same property three or more times
  6. RealScout Message Sent

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