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Below are the steps for connecting to Zillow Connect. Please scroll down to learn more about disconnecting the integration.  

Zillow Connect is an integration that allows you to receive Zillow leads directly into your RealScout account. Then, RealScout sets up a listing alert for those leads so they start getting properties from you automatically. It's a great way to convert leads effortlessly! This works whether your account is a Zillow Premier account or simply a Zillow profile.



To set up the integration, please follow these steps on the Zillow platform:

  1. Log into your Zillow account.
  2. On the top right, click the Profile/Account Photo. 
  3. Click Settings. The App (One-Way) Integrations page will open.


  4. Click the App Integrations.
  5. One-Way Integrations.
  6. Click the Link App button. The Partners page will open.


  7. Click on the drop-down menu Partners to choose RealScout.
  8. Click the Next button. 


  9. Complete. Once it is connected, the status will say ACTIVE. There is also an Unlink option.





Please refer to the following support articles for disconnecting Zillow.
If you are using Follow Up Boss or want to start using the FUB x RealScout integrations, you must first disconnect your direct Zillow integration on RealScout. Please see below: 




For additional support, please visit your Zillow Help Center or email our Member Support Team at support@realccout.com.  

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