Step 5 - FUBScouts: Auto Nurture - Supercharge Your RealScout Experience

****UPDATE***** RealScout pulls the FIRST Address from FUB to create Home Value Alerts NOT all addresses in the client's record. Sorry for that mix up. I will update this video soon.


In this video I will explain the power of auto nurture and how it can enhance your experience with RealScout and Follow Up Boss. I'll walk you through the different types of alerts and email drip campaigns that RealScout offers based on the information we gather from Follow Up Boss. By the end of this video, you'll have a clear understanding of how to leverage auto nurture to provide personalized and valuable content to your clients.


0:00 Introduction to Auto Nurture
1:19 Setting Up Listing Alerts
3:06 Home Value Alerts
4:53 Email Drip Campaigns
5:39 Configuring Auto Nurture

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