Step 4 - FUBScouts Overview & Workflow



In this video, I will show you how FUB and RealScout work together and what you can expect to see on your FUB account. I will guide you through the process of importing lists, editing contact information, and syncing it with your RealScout account. I will also explain the information you can access about your leads and contacts, including recent activity, saves, and dashboard views. Additionally, I will highlight the importance of smart lists and custom fields in maximizing the potential of both platforms. No specific action is requested from you in this video.
0:00 Introduction
0:27 Importing and Syncing Data
1:02 Accessing Lead and Contact Information
2:00 Notes and Messages
2:55 Custom Fields and Alerts
3:30 Real Scout HVA Viewed
4:39 Tips and Tricks
4:59 Utilizing Smart Lists
5:40 Conclusion

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