Auto Nurture FAQ and Best Practices


Q: Who should I use Auto Nurture for?

A: Auto Nurture will make sure that your contacts, whether they are leads, referrals, or clients, get relevant and engaging real estate information from you. It is particularly effective for individuals in your database who you don't know much about, such as website leads, open house visitors, cold leads, etc.

Q: What exactly will these contacts get?
A: Based on information in the contact record, Auto Nurture will attempt to create listing alerts, home value alerts, and/or market activity alerts. In cases where there isn’t enough data for an alert, it places the contact on an email drip campaign that shares popular listings and requests more details.

Q: What if my contact already has an alert set up?
A: For existing clients with alerts in place, Auto Nurture simplifies the process of creating additional alerts tailored to their specific interests, although some current contacts may find your existing alerts sufficient.

Q: If I'm entering a new client, shouldn't I just manually set them up on the alert(s) that best suits their needs?

A: You can definitely set up your new clients with advanced searches just like you've always done. This will give you more granular control over the client's experience on RealScout.

Q: I see the option to turn on Auto Nurture for existing contacts, but is this necessary if I've manually set them up to receive customized Listing Alerts or Market Alerts?

A: No, see the answer above.

Q: If the auto nurture feature is in fact meant for new leads, then what is the best way to get those new leads into my RealScout account?

A: There are three primary ways to get contacts into RealScout.
1) With the release of Pro+, you can import a spreadsheet on your own (rather than needing our support team to do it, as in the past). 
2) We have native integrations with Cloze and Follow Up Boss (FUB). Your brokerage may also offer integrations with MoxiWorks, Reliance. Zapier helps agents to connect RealScout to pretty much any other tool out there. Every agent should set up our Zillow Connect and integrations!
3) You can always add contacts one-by-one manually by clicking the blue "Add Client/Alert" button at the top of every screen.

Q: Is the Auto Nurture feature most powerful when you have an existing lead generator connected to it?

A: Yes, that's the best way to "set-it-and-forget-it"! Leads come in from an integration and get Auto Nurtured. Agents can continue to set up alerts manually for their clients where they want/need more granular control over the client's experience.

Q: Is RealScout now meant to be used as a CRM?

A: No, RealScout is designed to be a lead nurture & conversion tool, not a full-blown CRM or lead generation tool. We focus on the middle of the funnel. This graphic may help:



Q: RealScout says that automatic Home value alerts are sent to a contact record that contains an owned property address. Where do you add the owned property address, and would the contact or the agent do this?

A: First, agents can add the address to the contact record here:


Second, agents can import a list of homeowners with addresses:



Third, agents can invite their contacts to "claim their home" and see what their home is worth. When they invite them, the contacts will be required to enter their home address. They'll see their home's value instantly, and the agent has captured their address:



Fourth, they can capture leads from people they don't know - post on Facebook, run an ad, turn the link into a QR code, and put it on their Just Listed Just Sold postcards, etc:




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