RealScout Pro+ Broker Transition Plan

This document will cover, in detail, how brokerages can upgrade their RealScout accounts to Pro+. It will also cover key changes to agent accounts that brokers need to be aware of before deciding to upgrade to Pro+.

Fundamentally, the upgrade process to Pro+ is designed to be optional and flexible for both brokers and agents. We hope that you and your agents will take advantage of the powerful tools included in Pro+, but we understand the need for due diligence and planning. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact  


  1. Brokerages Upgrading to Pro+
  2. New Optional Fees to Agents
  3. RealScout for Teams
  4. Agent Communications and Training
  5. Sample Timeline


1. Brokerages Upgrading to Pro+

At the brokerage level, the upgrade to Pro+ is included in all existing brokerage customer accounts, free of charge. You can learn more about the powerful benefits of the Pro+ upgrade here

While the upgrade is strongly recommended, you have the option to opt-out of the upgrade. Please contact as soon as possible if you would like to opt-out. 

Upgrading to Pro+ means your agents will be eligible to begin using RealScout Pro+ with all the associated new features. We’ve made this process as seamless and flexible as possible; therefore, while not encouraged, agents can opt-out of the Pro+ upgrade if they so choose. More on this in the next section.


2. New Optional Fees to Agents

With the addition of Home Value Alerts (AVM) in RealScout Pro+, we are introducing usage-based billing at the agent level, in the form of a "Nurtured Contact" limit. In order to cover our data and infrastructure costs, agents that nurture more than 100 contacts will be asked to purchase additional packs of 500 contacts for $9.99/mo. These fees will be charged directly to the agent, and the broker will bear no responsibility for these fees. 

The vast majority of agents on the RealScout platform have less than 100 contacts, so this optional fee will apply to only a handful of agents when Pro+ launches.

You can learn more about the definition of a Nurtured Contact here, and how agent-level billing works here

Critically, we are ensuring that there are no surprises for agents when it comes to these new fees. As such, we’ve created two separate upgrade plans for agents:

a. Agents with <100 Nurtured Contacts on launch day

Agents that are under the default Nurtured Contact limit of 100 will automatically be upgraded to RealScout Pro+ on launch day. Since they are under the limit, no additional fees are required for them to begin using Pro+, until they decide to nurture more than 100 contacts in the future.

b. Agents with >100 Nurtured Contacts on launch day

Agents who are over the limit if upgraded to Pro+, will NOT be upgraded automatically to Pro+. Instead, they will be notified that they're eligible to begin a 30-day risk-free trial of Pro+. 

The agent can start the trial at any time and will have 30 days to experience Pro+ without limitation. During this time, there will be no additional charges for exceeding the Nurtured Contact limit. 

At the end of the 30-day period, the agent will have three options. They can:

    1. Decide to pay for additional Nurtured Contacts
    2. Reduce their number of Nurtured Contacts to less than 100, or
    3. Revert back to the classic RealScout experience. 

Learn more about the trial by visiting Pro+ Trial FAQ

Note: These new fees are an integral part of the Pro+ functionality. You may opt your brokerage out of the Pro+ upgrade if you do not want your agents to be subject to these optional fees.


3. RealScout for Teams

With the release of RealScout Pro+, we are opening up our Teams account type to teams associated with our brokerage customers. The Team accounts makes it easier for agents to collaboratively engage their leads without micromanaging their contact list. Teams will also gain additional administrative options to manage their leads and agents, independent from the brokerage account. 

Teams that decide to adopt this account type will receive a 20% discount on additional subscription fees directly charged to the team, since the brokerage is covering the base cost of the platform. The brokerage subscription, in effect, is adding value to the team account by subsidizing their cost. 

You can learn more about the new Teams account type here.


4. Agent Communications and Training

If your brokerage decides to upgrade to Pro+, we will directly communicate with your agents, based on your account assignments to notify them of their upcoming upgrade. Communication is customized for the following 3 segments: 

  1. Agents with <100 Nurtured Contacts
  2. Agents with >100 Nurtured Contacts
  3. Agents that have not yet claimed their RealScout account

These emails will contain basic information about the upgrade and lots of helpful materials.

While our direct communications are specifically designed to drum up excitement for the Pro+ launch, there is no substitute for in-house communication and training. 

We’ve put together some Broker and Staff Pro+ Training Resources for you and your staff to share and train your agents. The page contains simple flyers for distribution, videos to share, and presentations to provide to your trainers. 

We look forward to working with you to deliver as much value as possible to your agents!


5. Upgrade Timeline

The communication plan begins 1 week before your upgrade date, which is generally on a Tuesday.

  • Monday, the week prior: We’ll begin notifications to your staff about the coming Pro+ upgrade and share informational, marketing, and training materials that will help them understand and explain this upgrade to your agents.
  • Tuesday, the week prior: Agents will begin to receive email notifications that their accounts will be upgraded the following week. We encourage you to communicate directly with your agents to reinforce this message. Here are some resources to help you.
  • Daily, leading up to the upgrade date: Special training webinar for brokerage staff on the new Pro+ features and functionality. Register here.

  • The Following Tuesday (UPGRADE DATE): Agents’ accounts will receive the update.
  • Ongoing: We’ll be sharing training materials and success stories with all of your agents to encourage them to set up our powerful new automations.

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