Auto Nurture: Email Drip Campaigns Overview

Who receives the Auto Nurture Email Drip Campaigns?

When you enable Auto Nurture for your RealScout account or for a specific contact, all auto nurtured contacts (whether from a CRM, manual entry, or other source) will be automatically enrolled in an email drip campaign.

What is the frequency of the emails that go out and what do they look like?

If you've turned Auto Nurture on for your contacts they will receive our email drips depending on the alert they've been set up on or all emails within the campaign if there's no alerts set up:

Day 1: Welcome email

Subject Line: The best resource for new listings and your home's worth

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 9.10.17 PM.png

Day 5:

Subject line: Popular Homes in Your Area 

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 9.12.50 PM.pngScreenshot 2023-08-30 at 9.13.15 PM.png

Day 10: What’s My Home Worth email

Subject line: Keep track of your home's value

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 9.11.17 PM.png

Day 15: “Start Searching”

Subject line: Access your portal to new listings

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 9.11.53 PM.png


Ongoing monthly (on the same date): Popular Homes in {Default MLS Area or the custom agent chosen map location}

Subject line: Popular Homes in Your Area


What determines which listings to send for the “Popular Listings…” email?

The listings sent are the most viewed listings within a 3, 5, 10 or 25-mile radius of an agent’s default map location (which can be updated on the agent’s Profile page or on the Auto Nurture settings).




When does Auto Nurture stop?

If a contact unsubscribes, then AutoNurture stops.

If a contact creates a listing alert (or has an alert created for them based on activity in RealScout),then AutoNurture stops the listing focused part of the drip campaign.

If a contact has an HVA created for them, then Auto Nurture stops the HVA focused part of the drip campaign.

What client activity can create alerts?

Any listing view can generate a Listing Alert.

A home address entered can generate a Home Value Alert, or if ATTOM doesn’t provide a valuation then a Market Activity Alert using the home’s zip code.


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