Listing Alert Emails for Status Changes

There are now Status Change notifications for Coming Soon to Active listings. If your MLS offers Coming Soon listings, RealScout will notify your client when a property has gone from Coming Soon to Active. For these notifications, your search must have both Status types selected Coming Soon and Active. As long as both Status types are chosen, we’ll send the property out in a property alert email based on your clients’ schedule once the property hits the market as Coming Soon and then again when the property goes from Coming Soon to Active. If your client has marked this property as “INTERESTED,” we will send them a separate Status Change notification email.

Additional Email Notifications Q&A:

Question 1: Will my client be notified of Status Changes to homes I’ve sent them?


Answer 1: By default, no. Only if a client has marked a home as ‘Interested’ will an additional email about the Status or Price Change be sent.

Support Tutorials:
Click here to view how your client selects Interested or Not Interested when looking at a property with you on RealScout.
✴​ Click here to view how agents can track the client’s Recent Activity for their selected homes’ Interested’ or ‘Not Interested.’


Question 2: I have chosen the Status of Coming Soon and Active. Will my client receive two emails? One email for Coming Soon and a new email when the property changes to Active?
Question 2b: When a property is changed from CS to Act, will my client be emailed each time?


Answer 2: If both Coming Soon and Active are selected on the search, the property that’s changed from Coming Soon to Active will be sent out in a new property alert (unless the property is marked as Interested,

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