Nearby School Ratings

RealScout is pleased to present School Ratings! The School Rating feature is provided by and is visible to both the Agent and Homebuyer when viewing Nearby Schools on a property details page! Below are FAQs to learn more about the Nearby Schools and Ratings available to you. 


Where can the School Ratings be viewed?

Both an Agent and their Client can view Nearby Schools and Ratings when looking at a property's detail page. This is typically on the right side of the page. See photo below.





Not seeing a School Rating? 

A School that does not yet have a rating on will display a grey circle. Per guidelines and for agents convenience, RealScout will display a grey circle for schools with no ratings. 




Why are some Schools hyperlinked and some are not?
School names are linked to site for more information.

School names that are not linked and have a grey photo, currently do not have ratings on 


Do I need to activate this feature? 

The update made to the Nearby Schools section is now available to you without any action necessary.


Can I turn this feature off?

A setting is not available for this to be hidden or turned off. If you'd like to share your feedback, please reach out to our Member Success Team at


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