Change Property Class to Search Rental or Leases

Please Change your Property Class and Listing Service at the start of each Listing Alert (search) and choose either Residential Rentals and/or Residential Leases as the Property Class.

Here are quick tips of how to accomplish this:

  1. Click on the ADD ALERT button on the upper right corner (or click on the left SEARCH tab).

  2. At the start of your search change the Listing Service & Property Class to Residential Rental and/or Residential Lease (if available).

Photo Examples:



You will see that the Search fields may appear different or may not be available.

Photo Examples:



Please Note: Some MLS/Listing Services may NOT provide the same search options and may appear different.


For more info, you can reach our Member Success Team directly on your RealScout account via the Support tab on the left of your account or email us at for further assistance. 

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