How to Integrate with

1. Get Your Unique RealScout Email Address


2. Login to Make sure you log in using the blue real estate professional log in on the right, rather than the standard one on the left.


3. Select "Settings" from the Avatar menu. This will take you to the "General Settings" tab. Click "Lead Settings."



4. "Lead Settings" allows you to update your email and text message lead preferences. This is where you would set up your routing behavior to forward leads to RealScout. You'll see on this page a variety of lead options, but the two most common are Connections+ or Advantage Pro. 

5. Click the change button in order to add your unique RealScout email address as an email connection and set up lead routing. Below is an example of how to set up routing in the Connections+ section.

  • A. Enter your unique RealScout email address into this field.
  • B. Send a test to make sure it is working.
  • C. The recommended Email Format is HTML so that you can see property images, etc.
  • D. Click "Save" when completed.


For more information, please visit more about Lead Setting on Realtor:

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