Alert Settings & Schedule Overview



To quickly modify the settings of an existing alert, you will need to access your client's account.

Navigate to the CLIENTS tab and locate your client's name. Click on it to open their account. You will be directed to the LISTING ALERTS tab, where you can make swift changes to the frequency of their searches if necessary.

The Frequency section provides a dropdown menu for selecting the desired alert schedule:

  • ASAP: Immediate notifications
  • HAND-PICKED: Alerts manually sent by you
  • DAILY: Everyday alerts (uncheck specific days if needed for weekly)
  • MONTHLY: Alerts sent once a month
  • DISABLED: Temporarily halt the email alerts for a search

Disabling an alert is similar to pausing it, which means the client and their alert will remain in RealScout, but they won't receive any additional emails.


Additionally, you have the options to Delete an alert or Copy it to the same client or a different client, as well as access the alert itself.


If you wish to edit the filters or explore more Alert Settings & Schedule options, click on View/Edit.

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