Alert Settings & Schedule Overview



If you want to quickly edit the Settings of an existing alert, you’ll need to go to your client’s account.

Click on the CLIENTS tab, find your client’s name and click on it. Their account will open and you will land on their LISTING ALERTS tab. Here you can quickly edit the Frequency of all of their searches if needed.

The Frequency section has a drop down menu for you to choose the new preferred alert schedule:

  • ASAP - Immediately 
  • HAND - PICKED - Manually sent out by you
  • DAILY - Everyday or uncheck days as needed
  • MONTHLY - Once a Month 
  • DISABLED - Stop/Pause a search from sending email alerts 


Disabled is like pausing a search, so you would keep the client and their alert in RealScout, without them receiving any additional emails.

You can also Delete an alert or Copy an alert to the same client or a different client, and get into the alert itself. 

Click on View/Edit if you'd like to edit the filters or for more Alert Settings & Schedule options. 

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