Transfer Leads and create a home search using RealScout and MoxiEngage Integration

Overview of RealScout's integration with MoxiEngage!


Two options exist to transfer leads from MoxiWorks Engage to RealScout.

  1. Backfill multiple contacts to RealScout by using Groups on Engage
  2. Manually send a single client from Engage to RealScout and create a home search for them.

Transferring leads from RealScout to MoxiWorks Engage is automatically done if your RealScout account is already synced with MoxiWorks.


Manually Backfill multiple clients using Groups: How to backfill multiple contacts from MoxiWorks Engage to RealScout


Manually send a single client from Engage to RealScout:

  1. Head over to MoxiWorks. Ensure you're on Engage, Agent view and can access the PEOPLE tab. 

  2. Click on PEOPLE. Then click on ADD PEOPLE. Add the client's contact information, assign contact to the buyer type, apply a prospecting plan, and click DONE. 

  3. You will be routed to choose if the client is a CLIENT or NON-CLIENT. Let's click on CLIENT. You can also decide to add GROUPS now or later. For backfill purposes. 

  4. Choose from the following options. Let's select MAKE BUYER PROSPECT

  5. TASKS will open, to transfer the client to RealScout right now, click on Create RealScout Home Search.

  6. Click on the CREATE SEARCH button. 

  7. Finally, the client will be transferred to RealScout. Your RealScout SEARCH page will open. Proceed to create their search and save. Here is How to create a SEARCH on RealScout.



REMINDER: Clients added to RealScout are automatically synced to Engage. Visit the Moxi Engage integration on RealScout via Extras - Integrations to ensure your account is synced. Otherwise, contact your office IT or our Member Success Team at



For more about Moxi Engage's My People Screen Overview, click here to visit MoxiWorks Engage Support.


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