Follow Up Boss and RealScout Integration Overview


Seamlessly Add Leads to RealScout. Record Activity in FUB



Follow Up Boss (FUB) is an agent level integration that allows the account owner in FUB to connect their account to their RealScout agent account and also perform account connection for any teammates in FUB. The integration allows:

  • Backfilling prior leads from FUB into RS
  • Syncing leads from FUB into RS as they are added to FUB
  • Allowing lead transfer in RS based on transfers in FUB
  • Pushing activity information from RS to FUB
  • Adding custom fields and associated data to FUB
  • Individual agent level opt out

Lead Syncing from FUB to RS

The integration allows lead flow from FUB to RS via two methods: backfill and ongoing sync. In both cases, the Account Owner can choose to limit which leads are imported by clicking the configuration option Import Tagged Leads and specifying which tags to import, during integration set up.

Lead Transfer

If the account owner selects the Transfer Leads option the system will attempt to transfer leads between agents based on FUB data. In order for this to work the receiving agent must be one of the Team Members displayed in the FUB integration pane.

Delete Leads

If the account owner selects the Delete Leads option the system will delete leads in RealScout when they are moved to the Trash stage in FUB or when the agent uses the Delete People (hard delete) functionality in FUB. Per our data retention policy, client accounts that have been deleted will have all information purged within 30 days of being marked for deletion.

Pushing Activity To FUB

All agents that are part of an integration with the Enabled option selected will automatically have activity data pushed from RS to FUB. The system currently pushes the following data types:

  • Property views
  • Marking a property as interested

FUB will either push that activity into an existing lead’s profile or create a new lead and then push the activity data. FUB matches lead profiles based on email first and phone number second. Since our phone numbers are not unique within RS we are only passing up email data and any newly created lead profiles in FUB will not include phone number data from RS.

Activity data will appear in the bottom right pane of FUB and the property links will link back to the agent view of the property in RS. The View in RealScout button will link back to the client’s profile page in RS. Certain activities will also be highlighted in the center dashboard in FUB.


Custom Fields

Custom fields are a feature of FUB that allow us to push arbitrary data from RealScout into FUB. They are controlled from FUB by the account owner or via API access through the Account Owner’s API token. They can be seen from FUB within the Admin section.



Once a custom field is available, data can be populated in that field for each client within the FUB account.


We currently have four custom fields:


  1. RealScout Alerts Link: Url that links back to the agent’s view of the client’s alert page.
  2. RealScout Home Value Alert Count: Number of active HVAs. An active HVA is one that is not disabled.
  3. RealScout Listing Alert Count: Number of active listing alerts. An active listing alert has a schedule that is not disabled.
  4. RealScout Market Alert Count: Number of active market alerts. An active market alert has a schedule that is not manual.

Custom fields can be used to create smart lists by filtering on values. To filter based on the fields, agents can navigate to the People view in FUB and then select Filters and the relevant custom field.



Custom Fields available for Filtering:






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