Climate Risk Ratings provides the data shown on RealScout's Climate Risk Ratings widget.

Below is a quick view of what the Widget looks like, steps on locating the Widget when viewing a specific property, and hiding the "climate check" widget for all clients when viewing properties. 


Climate Risk Ratings Quick View:

A 0-100 rating is based on this home's future risk of climate-related hazards compared to other homes in the United States.
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How to access this information per listing:

  1. Enter the Street address or Listing # on the top-left search bar and click on the property from the drop-down menu. Search_.png

  2. The property details page will open. Please scroll towards the bottom right to locate the Climate Risk Ratings for the specific listing you are viewing. scroll.png

  3. Climate Risk Ratings will have an option for you to click on and Get a Full Report if needed. CRR_per_Property_Details_Page.png



Steps on how to suppress the Widget for Climate Risk Ratings (optional):

  1. Visit the My Account tab on the top left corner of your RealScout account.
  2. Click on the Settings tab from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Check to box next to the option, Suppress "Climate Check" Widget for all clients. My_Account_Settings_hide__climate_check__widget_for_all_clients.png

The Climate Risk Rating widget is unchecked to display the Widget by default.


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