Best Ways to Add Leads to RealScout

Add prospects and SOI contacts into RealScout

Adding your contacts to the platform enables you to control the content that is sent to them. Clients are stored within your password protected account - nothing is sent to your contacts until you configure it inside your account. 


Here are some ways to add contacts on your own or by utilizing our Member Success Coaches:


Here are some ways to share your RealScout links so potential clients can create their own searches on your RealScout account:

  • Share your RealScout search portal on social media. Capture leads by sharing a custom map search link on your social channels. Each listing detail page is branded to you, and includes a lead capture form that homebuyers are encouraged to complete in order to get more information regarding a listing. Leads that complete this form will then show up in your clients list. Learn more here
  • Send them to your landing page that gives them an intro to you as well as entry to your client search portal on RealScout. Learn more about your customizable landing page here
  • Direct them to your branded client search portal with our RealScout widgets. Learn how to add widgets to your personal website here!

RealScout Tip

RealScout recommends setting clients up with property alerts or Market Activity alerts based on a schedule that works for both you and your client. This will engage your clients and leads the most. Want to check out the client experience on RealScout? Learn more here.


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