My Account Settings: Suppress Open House info for all of my clients

On the My Account Settings section, the option for Suppress Open House info for all my clients will suppress Open House emails on 'interested' homes to your clients. This setting will also hide the date and time of any Open House available. Your client will be able to request Open House information from you, and you will be notified of the request.




When creating an alert before saving it, you'll be asked to set an Alert Schedule. There is a Setting section to check the option send Open House reminders or keep unchecked to stop Open House reminders before each weekend. By default it is unchecked. 




If you specifically chose for a client to receive Open House reminders on a specific alert (search) when setting up their alert schedule, then yes, you'll need to edit their alert schedule and uncheck that option. 

Member Success can help review your client's alert settings, please send us the following info:

  • Your name or email as it appears in RealScout
  • Your client's name or email as it appears in RealScout
  • Alert (search) name if multiple 


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