How to assign a client to your teammate



To assign a lead/client to an agent on your team, go to that client's profile by clicking on the Clients tab on the left navigation bar. From the clients list, click on the client you want to assign. Once their profile opens, click on the tab Client Details. From there, you'll see a section called Assign to Teammate. Choose the teammate from a drop down window and click Assign. That client will be removed from your account over to theirs. 


Please note, chat/messages sent will not be transferred over. 


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To use this option, email so we can take care of the setup. 

Multiple individual RealScout accounts can be linked together all while maintaining separate databases.

You can have our team add an assign button to transfer clients back and forth to a team member. 


Please provide our Member Success team with the following agent to be linked:

  • Full Name
  • Email 
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