Reverse Prospecting - How to access on RealScout

Reverse Prospecting is part of our suite of Listing Tool products

If you are an individual agent using RealScout you will need to upgrade your account to a Standard Plan, if you do not currently see the LISTING TOOLS tab on your account. Please reach out to our Member Success Team to upgrade your account. We have annual and monthly subscriptions available.


If you are part of a brokerage account and do not see our LISTING TOOLS available on your account you may upgrade your account individually or reach out to your brokerage to learn more. If you'd prefer to upgrade your account individually, please reach out to our Member Success Team.


How to Access:

If you are a Listing Agent and currently have an active, coming soon or contingent listing, go to the LISTING TOOLS tab on your grey side bar and click MY LISTINGS to claim your listing.


Once claimed, you can use our Reverse Prospecting button to get started.



Using RealScout Reverse Prospecting as a Listing Agent:


With Reverse Prospecting, you can identify agents in your market who may have buyers that match your listing. Reach out to them to get your listing in front of the most relevant buyers.


  • View - Quickly gauge the level of visibility and interest in your listing from active RealScout buyers
  • Engage - Contact agents with matching buyers who are searching on RealScout
  • Track - Save time by quickly finding high-quality potential buyers


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