What does Request A Data Feed mean?

New RealScout members that have accounts created by their brokerages at times still need their MLS Membership connected to their RealScout account. Consider this a final step when onboarding and setting up your RealScout account. Without an MLS Membership, agents are not able to create listing alerts for clients nor can clients browse for listings. 


If you visit the DASHBOARD tab and see the following:



We were unable to assign an MLS Data feed to your account. Some functionality (including Search & Listing Alerts) are limited.

Send us your MLS membership information to have the feeds added to your account.


Please click on the button REQUEST A DATA FEED and provide our team with the following 3 details:


  1. Your First and Last Name (as it appears on your RealScout account or MLS).
  2. The name of your MLS Membership (MLS examples: Bright MLS, TRIAD MLS, SANDICOR).
  3. Your MLS ID # (if any).


Photo Example:






Once Member Success is provided the 3 details, the closer you are to being connected to your MLS membership(s). 


If you provide the Association name, our team will email you a followup requesting the MLS Membership name. If you do not know what the MLS Membership name is, please send us the URL that you visit to list properties. Member Success can help review the MLS Membership name for you.


This is also referred to as: 

MLS Membership 
Listing Service


Data Feed


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