What does 'Email(s) have already been used, please try another' mean?

Below are two reasons why you may see the notification of Email(s) have already been used, please try another when trying to add a client.








1. When you first add a client onto RealScout, there is no need to re-add them later to create a search. For your convenience, the system will not allow duplicate clients.

If you'd like to create a new listing alert (search) for them, simply click on ADD ALERT and choose their name from the drop down menu. 

2. When a client unsubscribes from RealScout or agents delete a client, the system will not allow duplicate email to be re-added. You will see the notification. Only Member Success can re-add the client's email for you.

If your client has unsubscribed and would like to start using RealScout again, please let support@realscout.com know their name and email and Member Success can help add them back for you.


For related support please visit: Exporting Clients from RealScout



Have questions? Please contact Member Success at support@realscout.com






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