Messages Written Step-by-Step Guide

The new messaging system provides a single messaging interface where you can start conversations, respond to messages, and send multiple listings at once.


A Messages tab is now available on the left navigation bar of your RealScout account.



Click on the + icon to start a new Conversation. Otherwise, scroll down to view all existing messages. You can click on any convo on the left to open the thread on the right.



The + icon will load the new message page. At the top you will see a search bar where you can type your client's name to either start a new convo or quickly locate the existing message thread.

A drop down menu will appear with your client's name, click on it to view the thread.



Once your client's message thread (if any) opens, you can start typing your unique message
then click the Send Message button on the bottom right corner to send.

You can also click on the icon that looks like a home with a + sign to attach listings onto your message.

(The View Profile link takes you directly into the clients account)



To attach listings, click on the icon that looks like a home with a + sign on the bottom right corner. 

A small search bar will open where you can enter an address or MLS ID # (one at a time).



Once an address or MLS # is entered, click the listing from the drop down menu to attach. 

You can repeat this to attach more listings.


Once all listings are attached, click on the SEND MESSAGE button or type an additional message. 



 Multiple listings will be grouped together, click directly on the message to view all.



A scrolling option will open on the right side of the message thread. 



In every homebuyer's account, there is now a Message button to access the message thread.

Before this was in a Conversations tab but it is now accessible via the Message button. 




Our RealScout support team is here to help you along the way via the two SUPPORT tabs directly on your RealScout account or reach out via 


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