How to Resend Listings


Below are steps to take to resend previously sent listings alerts as shown in the video tutorial:

  1. Click on your CLIENTS tab (on the left side of your screen)
  2. Your Clients List will open, please click on your clients name
  3. Their account will open up, please click on the Listing Alert (View/Edit)
  4. The page with a map on the left side and the properties on the right will open
  5. Please click on the SENT section
  6. Click on the ALL link or check the box next to all the properties you want to RESEND
  7. Then click on the RESEND # button
  8. A pop-up box will appear, please write in your custom message (or send as is)


After those steps, you'll notice in your clients RECENT ACTIVITY tab that this email alert has been delivered and when opened. 

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