Connecting Spacio to your RealScout

Below are steps to help you connect Spacio to RealScout. The email your Company uses for you, should be your RealScout email. If RealScout uses a different email or if you receive an error, please contact us at We'll be happy to help update and match the email your Company has for you.


On Spacio, complete the following steps to connect to RealScout:

  1. Log into your Spacio Dashboard.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on the Settings tab.
  3. A drop-down will open; click on the Integrations tab.
  4. A list of Integration options will appear on the right; scroll down, and click on RealScout.
  5. In the section RealScout Email, enter the same email you use for your RealScout account. 
  6. Click Apply.

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