Listing Dashboard

Q: What is the Listing Dashboard page?

A: The Listing Dashboard displays potential buyers for your listing and gives you the ability to contact their agents.

Q: How do I get to my Listing Dashboard?

A: If you have purchased a Listing Dashboard, there will be a button in the left sidebar labeled "Market 360". Click "Market 360", the click "My Listings" from the drop down menu. 

Q: How do I purchase a Listing Dashboard?

A: If you have an active listing, you can purchase your Listing Dashboard by calling 650-397-6500 (ext 1).

Q: How do I contact agents through this tool?

A: To reach out to an agent with a potential buyer:

1: Click on  MARKET 360 on the left hand side of your account, then click on MY LISTINGS from the drop down menu

2: When the page reloads click on the address of your property HIGHLIGHTED IN BLUE 

3: The page will again reload and you will then need to locate and click on the tab labeled OUTREACH


4: You will then be taken to a screen that shows you a list of agents you can contact with matching buyers. To the left of each agents name will be a empty box. If you click on the boxes to the left of the agents name a BLUE check mark will appear and the to contact the agents click the BLUE CONTACT AGENTS 

NOTE: Agents will only receive one email from you, even if they have more than one potential buyer.

Q: How will I know if the other agent opened my email?

A: In the RESPONSES tab, you will see the agents you have emailed as well as the responses they have sent you in regards to your initial email. 

NOTE: When you contact other agents, they will receive a link that shows them all their clients who are potential matches for your listing.

Q: Can I call other agents?

A: You can click the phone icon next to each agent's name to reveal their phone number.

Q: How do stop receiving notifications about new potential buyers?

A: On the right side of the page, there is a checkbox for "Email me when there are new buyers." If you'd like to stop receiving such emails, simply uncheck the box.

Q: I have feedback or questions, who can I talk to?

A: Because this is a new product only for listing agents, please send any questions or feedback directly to  (instead of



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