Listing Dashboard

Q: What is the Listing Dashboard page?

A: The Listing Dashboard displays potential buyers for your listing and gives you the ability to contact their agents.

Q: How do I get to my Listing Dashboard?

A: If you have purchased a Listing Dashboard, there will be a button in the left sidebar labeled "My Listings".

Q: How do I purchase a Listing Dashboard?

A: If you have an active listing, you can purchase your Listing Dashboard by calling 650-397-6500 (ext 1).

Q: How do I contact agents through this tool?

A: On your listing dashboard, you can check the box next to each agent's name, and then click the blue "Contact Agents" button at the top. Next, customize your message and click Send. The number of agents you selected will receive your message via email and in their RealScout dashboard inbox.

NOTE: Agents will only receive one email from you, even if they have more than one potential buyer.

Q: How will I know if the other agent opened my email?

A: In the Message Status column, the "Sent" status will change to "Opened" if they read your email and to "Clicked" if they have looked at their matched clients.

NOTE: When you contact other agents, they will receive a link that shows them all their clients who are potential matches for your listing.

Q: What is the Last View column?

A: The "Last View" column shows whether that potential buyer has viewed your listing on RealScout. If they haven't viewed your listing yet, then they are on the list because their search criteria match your listing.

NOTE: You can also reveal home buyers who have "Hidden" your listing by using the "Filter By" option. These home buyers are likely not interested in your listing, but you may want to share this info with your home seller client.

Q: Can I call other agents?

A: You can click the phone icon next to each agent's name to reveal their phone number.

Q: How do stop receiving notifications about new potential buyers?

A: On the right side of the page, there is a checkbox for "Email me when there are new buyers." If you'd like to stop receiving such emails, simply uncheck the box.

Q: I have feedback or questions, who can I talk to?

A: Because this is a new product only for listing agents, please send any questions or feedback directly to  (instead of



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