My Buyers

Q: What is the "My Buyers" page?
A: This is a list of your clients who have viewed this listing. You can click on each client for more details, or select to contact them about this property.


Q: Why did I receive it?
A: You received a link to this page because the listing agent reached out to you about your potential buyers who either match their listing or have viewed their listing.

Q: How did the listing agent know my clients viewed their listing?
A: The listing agent has purchased RealScout's new Listing Dashboard tool, which gives the agent access to a list of all the agents who have buyers who have either viewed the listing or, based on their activity, are a good match for the listing.

Q: Can the listing agent contact my clients?
A: No, the listing agent has absolutely no access to your clients' names nor any personal information about them. They were only made aware that YOU had clients who viewed their listing.

Q: Can I see what the listing agent saw?
A: Not for their listing, but you can see what it would look like for your own listings by purchasing the new listing dashboard tool. Please reach or 650-397-6500 if you're interested!

Q: How can I contact other agents for my own listings?
A: If you are interested in the listing agent product pilot, please contact us at or 650-397-6500.

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