Cloze X RealScout: Supercharge your integration with Auto Nurture



In this video, I explain how to use auto nurture with your Cloze integration. Auto nurture is a feature that sets up leads on alerts based on data from Cloze. There are two options for using auto nurture with Cloze: setting up an email drip campaign for leads with only an email address, or using the client's buyer profile in Cloze to set up listing alerts based on price range and location. I encourage you to visit our support site to learn more about auto nurture and how to set up these searches.
0:00 Introduction
0:31 Option 1: Email Drip Campaign
1:33 Option 2: Buyer Profile in Cloze
2:27 Importing or Updating Leads in Cloze
2:55 Setting Up Listing Alerts
3:35 Conclusion

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