Using RealScout as a Team

Linking RealScout Accounts: 

Multiple individual RealScout accounts can be linked together. While you maintain separate databases, you will have a new button to assign clients back and forth to a team member.  
To use this option, you'll need to email so we can take care of the setup. Please provide our Member Success team with the following:
Full Name & Email (as shown in RealScout) for all agents wished to be linked.


Adding an Additional Email to Your Account:

To set up a Single RealScout Account with two people you will need to add a secondary email address to your existing account. First select "Profile" from the "My Account" menu in the upper right of the screen:


On the Settings page, enter Secondary Email address.  When you do some options will appear below it.  Here you will specify who gets which notifications from the RealScout system:



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