How do I turn my RealScout account into a team account?

We have 2 options for team functionality:

  1. Multiple individual RealScout accounts can be linked together. While you maintain separate databases, you will have a new button to assign clients back and forth to a team member.  
    To use this option, you'll need to email so we can take care of the setup. Please provide our Member Success team with the following:
    Full Name & Email (as shown in RealScout) for all agents wished to be linked.

  2. Two people can share a single RealScout account, meaning you'll use the same login, database and all listing alerts and messages will come from the both of you.  You can set individual options for notifications.  To set up this option, see the instructions below.

To set up a Single RealScout Account with two people you will need to add a secondary email address to your existing account. First select "Profile" from the "My Account" menu in the upper right of the screen:




On the Settings page, enter Secondary Email address.  When you do some options will appear below it.  Here you will specify who gets which notifications from the RealScout system:


You will also need to have a team photo. You can upload your team photo from the profile page.  If you do not have a team photo you can use your team logo if you have one or you may be able to have an outside party photoshop your multiple head shots together.  RealScout does not provide photoshop help.

Once all of your team material is together you will go to your RealScout Profile page and update your name, photo, email, phone number and biography if needed.


Example Single Agent Account



Example Team Account




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