Pro+ Trial FAQ

Q: Why am I seeing the Pro+ Trial?

A: RealScout Pro+ is a huge upgrade to the RealScout platform that enables automatic nurture of home buyers, sellers, and owners. We want you to experience the power of these automations without additional fees or risk. 

You are likely seeing the trial option for one of two reasons: 

  1. You subscribe directly to RealScout as an agent, and not through a brokerage or team. 
  2. Your account is already nurturing more than 100 contacts, which is above the default limit. You can learn more about Nurtured Contacts here


Q: What can I do during my trial? 

A: Your trial is completely unlimited, so you can try all that Pro+ has to offer. Set-up Auto Nurture so all of your existing and future contacts get engaged automatically. Send out Home Value Alerts to homeowners, and capture new listing leads with the “What’s My Home Worth?” landing page. 


Q: I’m at the end of my trial, what options do I have?
A: There are two options:


1. If you have <100 Nurtured Contacts

  • You can continue using Pro+ without additional charges
  • Or, you may opt-out of Pro+ and revert to the classic experience

2. If you have >100 Nurtured Contacts

  • To continue using Pro+, increase your Nurtured Contact limit by purchasing additional packs of 500 Nurtured Contacts for $9.99/mo
  • Or, you may Archive your contacts to reduce your Nurtured Contact count below 100. 
  • Or, you may opt-out of Pro+ and revert to the classic experience. 

Please Note: We will NOT automatically revert your account back to the classic experience, even if you are over your Nurtured Contact limit. If you wish to revert, please do so by selecting the option, or by contacting


Q: What happens if I revert to the classic experience? 

A: Any Home Value Alerts, Auto Nurture emails (excluding listing alerts and market activity alerts), and other Pro+ exclusive features will be disabled when you revert back. We will NOT delete any contacts created during your Pro+. There are no contact limits in the classic experience.

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