Nurtured Contact FAQ

Q: What is a "Nurtured Contact"?

A: A contact that has been set-up or interacted with at least one of RealScout’s nurture tools, and isn’t archived by the agent. Nurture tools include features such as Auto Nurture, email alerts, nurture drip campaigns, the mobile app, the agent subdomain, and landing pages. Agents can “Archive” their contacts at any point, removing them from their Nurtured Contacts list, and disabling automated nurture campaigns and alerts. Agents can also un-archive their contacts to resume nurture.


Q: Does an agent have to nurture all their contacts?

A: No, a contact can be either new, "Awaiting Nurture", or "Archived". Those contacts are defined as: 

Awaiting Nurture Contact: A contact that has not yet been set-up or interacted with at least one of RealScout’s nurture tools, and isn’t archived by the agent. These contacts are NOT considered Nurtured Contacts.

Archived Contact: Contacts can be archived in order to disable their alerts and Auto Nurture campaigns without deleting the contact. The contact will no longer count against the Nurtured Contact limit.


Q: What is the cost to nurture contacts in RealScout?

A: The Pro+ upgrade allows agents to nurture up to 100 contacts for free, included with the brokerage subscription. If an agent decides to nurture more than 100 contacts, a fee of $9.99/mo per 500 additional contacts will apply.


Q: How are the additional fees billed?

A: The agent can upgrade right from within their RealScout account by choosing how many additional contacts they'd like to nurture, enter a credit card and billing information, and RealScout will set up a subscription for them directly.


Q: Can agents revert back to the old version if they don't want to upgrade?

A: Yes, agents will be given the opportunity to return to the classic RealScout experience by contacting

Important: Any Home Value Alerts, Auto Nurture emails (excluding listing alerts and market activity alerts), and other Pro+ exclusive features will be disabled when you revert back to Standard. We will NOT delete any contacts created during your time using Pro+.

Please note: While the classic RealScout experience will continue to be supported and maintained in the future, major upgrades may be limited to Realscout Pro+.

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