New Team Account Type at Brokerages

With the release of Pro+, real estate teams can now take advantage of a new RealScout account type, catered to their needs.

The Team account is best for groups of agents that work with a single marketing database and lead flow, under unified team leadership, and with specialized roles within the team. 

Team Account Benefits

  • Easy lead distribution
  • Pooled Nurtured Contact Limit that enables flexibility with how contacts and leads are nurtured
  • Works well with team-centric CRMs such as FUB
  • Admin functionality to manage team member accounts
  • Access to elevated Team support

Team Account Set-up and Cost

Team accounts at RealScout customer brokerages are still part of, and are governed by the Brokerage’s Agreement with RealScout. While teams sign a separate Order Schedule and gain additional administration capabilities, brokers and designated brokerage managers will have administrative control over Team accounts. 

Team accounts are available to non-RealScout customers at the posted rate here. To reflect fees already covered by the brokerage, Teams under RealScout customer brokerages receive a 20% discount on the base license fee, although the cost for additional Nurtured Contacts is not discounted. 

Team accounts will continue to receive feature upgrades unique to this account type. Our goal is to solve the ever-evolving needs of real estate teams, and help them leverage RealScout to the fullest. 

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Here's a downloadable flyer:


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