Pro+ Transition FAQ

Pro+ Transition FAQ

Make sure you’ve reviewed the What is RealScout Pro+? page to see if your question is answered there. 


Will I get charged when I start using Pro+?

No. We’ve designed the transition process to ensure that there are no surprises or hidden fees. If you are nurturing less than 100 contacts, you will be able to continue using Pro+ without any additional cost. 

You will only be charged if you decide to continue using Pro+ and nurture more than 100 contacts. 

If you believe you’ve been billed in error, please contact 


I don’t know how to use a particular feature

Please refer to the Pro+ product support pages here


I’m part of a real estate team, can we….?

We’ve introduced a Team account type with Pro+. Please reach out to to learn more. 


Pro+ isn’t working for me, can I revert back to the old version? 

Yes, if you don't see an option in your RealScout account to revert to RealScout Pro Standard, please contact to return to the classic RealScout experience. 

Important: Any Home Value Alerts, Auto Nurture emails (excluding listing alerts and market activity alerts), and other Pro+ exclusive features will be disabled when you revert back to Standard. We will NOT delete any contacts created during your time using Pro+.

Please note, while the classic RealScout experience will continue to be supported and maintained in the future, major upgrades may be limited to Realscout Pro+.

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