RealScout's Pro+ Auto Nurture

RealScout's Pro+ Auto Nurture 

RealScout’s set-and-forget Auto Nurture feature automatically nurtures your marketing database with high engagement listing alerts, home value alerts, and market activity alerts. Regardless of the source of your contacts, whether they’re hot or cold, or whether they’re a buyer, seller or homeowner, your contacts receive a best-in-class consumer experience with you, the agent, at the center of every interaction. RealScout lets you know when one of them raises their hand so you never miss a conversion moment.

Set-up is as easy as just one click, or further streamline your workflow by connecting RealScout to the lead sources and CRMs you already know and love, and customize your nurturing plan - we’ll take care of the rest. Based on the information contained in their contact record, we’ll automatically set them up with relevant alerts, prompt them to complete their profile, or engage them with auto-recommended listings.

Auto Nurture gives you peace of mind that no matter the size or complexity of your marketing database, every contact is getting the information they need, the user experience they want, all within an online experience you control. Whether you’re a luxury agent focusing on a handful of transactions, or a team generating tens of thousands of leads, Auto Nurture is a game-changing tool to maximize impact and increase your GCI.

How Auto Nurture Works:

Based on the information in your contact record, whether you have connected your favorite CRM to RealScout or added information to their contact profile, your client will receive one or more of the following automated alerts or email drip campaigns.

Automatic Listing Alerts

If a contact record contains a viewed listing address or an inquired listing address, Auto Nurture will automatically create a listing alert, setting the search criteria to the listing zip code, the list price plus 20% and minus 30%, and the property type. This means that your contacts will always be up-to-date on the latest listings that match their criteria.

Automatic Home Value Alerts

If a contact record contains an owned property address, Auto Nurture will automatically create a Home Value Alert for that property. These alerts will let your contacts know about the current market value of their home. Home value alerts are sent monthly by default, but you can change this frequency in your account settings.

Automatic Market Activity Alerts

If our Home Value Alert valuation partners do not provide a valuation for your client based on their address, your client will instead receive a Market Activity Alert based on their property’s zip code.

Automatic Email Drip Campaigns

If a contact does not have any of the above information in their contact record, RealScout will set them up on a drip campaign encouraging them to create their own Listing Alert or Home Value Alert.

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