What is MLS Reciprocal Access on RealScout?

In some markets, MLSes may have a reciprocity agreement that also applies to RealScout. In these cases, being a member of a particular MLS also grants you access to listings in another MLS.

How do I know if I have access?

When creating a search alert on RealScout, you will be asked to choose the MLS and Property Class. If you have access to more than one MLS, you will see it as an option.

Click here to read FAQs for region-specific MLS reciprocity information.

How do I access reciprocal MLSes?

When creating a search alert on RealScout, you will be asked to choose the MLS and Property Class. You can also click the “Change” link at the top of search alert settings.


Select “Cross-MLS Search” to create a search alert that returns results from all the MLSes to which you have access. A Cross-MLS search will only use basic fields which can be normalized across the different MLS data feeds.

To create a search alert using Advanced Fields, you must select the specific MLS. If you need to use Advanced Fields across multiple MLSes for a client, then you will need to create separate search alerts for each MLS.

Can I help my client search listings in multiple MLSes at the same time?

Yes, you can create a Basic search alert across MLSes by selecting “Cross-MLS Search”.

To create an Advanced search alert for multiple MLSes, you will need to create a separate advanced search alert for each MLS.

What if I’m a member of more than one MLS?

If you are a member of more than one MLS, then you should have access to all your MLSes regardless of any reciprocity agreements. Please contact if you do not see an MLS in RealScout for which you are a member.

What’s the difference between a reciprocity agreement and a data share agreement?

A reciprocity agreement between MLSes allows members of each MLS to access data from the other. A data share agreement allows the listings in one MLS to be shared and included in the data feed of the other MLS. In the former, RealScout would still have two separate data feeds. In a data share agreement, you would see data from multiple MLSes in the same data feed.

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