How to backfill multiple contacts from MoxiWorks Engage to RealScout

Backfill multiple contacts from MoxiWorks Engage to RealScout! Follow the steps below to set up your RealScout preferences for all your contacts or specific Group contacts on MoxiWorks - Engage.

Click on the left EXTRAS tab to open a drop-down menu.

Click on the INTEGRATIONS tab. 



Scroll down to the MoxiWorks section. 



Consider the Configuration as step one and Actions as step two before you import/backfill your contacts from MoxiWorks Engage into RealScout.




Step one, check the box to IMPORT CONTACTS BY GROUP.

You will start seeing pop-ups on the bottom left corner with updates.





Next, you can type or paste the Group name as it appears on MoxiWorks Engage, for example, realscout_test or buyers

To SAVE the Group name, click on the bottom CREATE option or the Enter/Return key on your keyboard.

Once you have added all the Group names, they appear in their grey bubbles. See the photos below. 



The second step is to head over to ACTIONS. Now that you have chosen to ONLY import/sync your specific contacts from specific Groups, you can click on BACK FILL CONTACTS




You will see a pop-up anytime the BACK FILL CONTACTS is selected to prevent the manual error from importing unwanted contacts. 

Here is what the pop-up will look like. You will need to decide to click on CANCEL or OK to continue with the backfilling. If you are not sure, please click CANCEL and contact for any questions you might have. 



If you click on OK to backfill the specific Group contacts, as shown above, you should see an orange notice stating that the backfilling of the contacts is in progress. 


You can refresh your screen to see if it has been completed. If you click on the backfill button again by accident, no worries! You will see a red pop-up in the bottom left corner reminding you this is already in progress. 


Once complete, you will see a green notice with the date and time of the latest backfill. And that is it! 


Optional, you can visit your CLIENTS tab to view the newly imported contacts. You can click on the LEAD SOURCE or ADDED columns to see them from new to old. 



Have questions? Please contact with your question. 




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